What to Do if Your Boat Breaks Down

replacement marine parts

It’s what keeps everyone up at night, from the lake fishermen to the ocean sailors seeking adventure. The fear that while they are partying or spending time fishing one afternoon, that their boat’s engine will stop working. It’s a real thing to at least be concerned about, and if your boat engine chooses to break down on your next watery voyage, then you need to do a few things depending on where you are.

If you are the type of person who tows your boat to the lake and backs it up inside the pool of water, and your boat breaks down while you are still relatively close to shore, then you can often grab a life preserver and just swim back to your car. Or use a sail and paddles to get your boat moving the old-fashioned way towards shore. Then just tow the boat back home and see about getting some replacement marine parts to fix it up.

If you are in the ocean or otherwise stranded away from shore or a friendly harbor, then you need a bit more help. If the seas are calm, then the first thing to do is remain calm. You should have several different types of distress signal to alert the shore and the other boats that you need help. Whether it’s an orange flag, a flare or smoke signal, or using SOS, you need to have the tools to get help in the day or night.

If you have a radio on your boat, you could call the Coast Guard or another agency for help, and they’ll typically get your coordinates and have rescue vessels sent your way within moments. Use your safety gear and supplies to wait for help until it arrives.