The History of Limousine

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Limousines are cars that are typically used by the wealthy and driven by a chauffeur. They first came into the world when the carriage was used as the primary means of transportation. While most people were able to share the carriage cab with their driver, other wealthier people wanted to have their own section where they rested in comfort. The driver would then sit outside the cab, and be subject to the weather.

Even the name limousine was created from the name of a French region that had cloaks carriage drivers would wear to protect themselves from the weather.

When cars became the dominant method of transportation, this desire for luxury was still kept around. Limousines were used to fulfill this need, and the limo was created as a ‘closed car seating 3-5 with the driver’s seat outside.’ There’s a partition that separates the driver’s seat from the passengers, so both sides could keep themselves private from one another.

If communications are necessary between the two parties, then the partition can be rolled down. Some limos even come with intercom systems if more than a few people are in the limo. The most common type of limo brownsville tx that people see and often use is the stretch limousine. The stretch limousine holds several passengers and was created to originally move bands and big equipment from gig to gig.

The stretch limos got so popular that other businesses began to use them too, for hotels, airlines, and even novelty limousines. The novelty limousines began to be used by companies for weddings, parties, proms, and other occasions. They certainly help those who aren’t able to ride in a limo for a living feel like a king or queen! Getting to ride in a limo for a day is something no one will ever forget.