Signs Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Work

Is the suspension system on your vehicle worn out and in need of repair? Don’t hesitate to schedule repair service when this type of issue occurs. The suspension system helps provide a smooth ride by helping maintain shocks, struts, etc. But, it’s also important to maintain the suspension system because it affects your ability to operate the vehicle sufficiently. What are the signs that your vehicle needs suspension work lakewood co?

Car Rides are Rough

If your car fails to provide the smooth ride that you’re used to, then it’s time to take it in for service because it could very well be the result of a bad suspension system. There’s but one way to be sure and that’s with professional service.

Difficult to Turn

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Turning the steering wheel is difficult if the shocks, struts, and suspension system is out of whack so if you notice that it is difficult to turn, perhaps it is related to one of these components. You may also feel a ‘drift’ when turning.

Look at the Tire Tread

Uneven tire tread is also a sign that suggest a problem with the shock system in the vehicle. If you notice that one side of the tire wears faster than the next or if there are bald spots on the tire, get the vehicle to a mechanic for service.

Damaged Shocks

Damaged shocks also indicated trouble with the vehicle’s suspension system that you shouldn’t ignore. Greasy, oily shocks are a big sign that the shocks need fast attention.

Takes a Nosedive

When your shocks are worn, you’ll feel the vehicle lunged forward and likely, go nose down when you press the brakes. This causes difficulty stopping decreasing its ability by as much as 20%, may cause an accident, and causes other mishaps.